Bring colour into your working life

Corporate culture begins with each individual. As a spray paint expert with years of intensive experience, it is important for us to secure and further expand our specific spray paint expertise, and to pass this on to our young staff. This knowledge is transferred in in-house training sessions, and also by means of external experts in the industry. We create a secure, forward-oriented and innovative-friendly work environment for your well-trained and motivated employees, and also foster a trusting working atmosphere.

Junior staff at Kwasny can grow continuously in the team. Anyone who has been trained in-house has the ideal prerequisites for a long-term and successful career.


Our personnel strategy in one of the central aspects of the corporate culture in the Peter Kwasny Group, and is seen as a workplace protection and forward-looking tool. The secret of success is a balanced mix of external, industry-specific specialists and employees trained in-house at Kwasny.

This is impressively proven by the large number of employees in the workforce of the Peter Kwasny group that started out as apprentices.

Every year the company Peter Kwasny GmbH successfully trains young people in various professions.

Careers as colourful as life itself

The company Peter Kwasny GmbH is training company offering seven apprenticeships and has been certified and recognised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Heilbronn-Franken. If you are looking to start a qualified apprenticeship with good career prospects in a modern and dynamic company, please send a full application to our HR department.

Your application to Peter Kwasny GmbH

If you are considering a qualified apprenticeship or a position in the Peter Kwasny Group, please send your application documents to

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Peter Kwasny GmbH 
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