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Peter Kwasny GmbH, located in Gundelsheim, Germany
Registrar Court Stuttgart HRB 105640; USt-Id.Nr. DE 811 731 360

Managing Directors:
Gisela Kwasny, Sabine Kwasny-Grimminger, Hans-Peter Kwasny, Lothar Grimminger, Alexander Kunkel, Dr. Wolfgang Kranig

All rights reserved. Texts, images, charts, sound, animations and videos and their arrangement on the Kwasny website are subject to copyright and other protection laws. The content of this website may not be copied, distributed, modified or forwarded to third parties for commercial purposes. For technical reasons, the colours shown are not binding. E.& o.e. Liability excluded.

Colour presentation:
The way the colour tones are shown on the screen depends on the respective setting and resolution of the individual monitor. Therefore, please note that the colours shown from our product range are non-binding colour samples that may vary from the original colour tones.

How to optimise the colour presentation:

  • We recommend that you set your PC or Macintosh display more than 256 colours (32bit Color depth).
  • In the case of PCs, select "Settings" in the Windows start menu, go to the menu item "System control" and select "Display". The colour topics are located under "Settings".

In the case of a Macintosh, select the item “Control fields” from the Apple menu, then "Monitors & sound" and then select the required setting under "Colour depth".

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Technical Implementation

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