The brands of the Peter Kwasny GmbH

Kwasny's high-quality products are used in a wide range of application fields, for instance in the hobby sector, and by trade and craft professionals and painting specialists. We started off with Auto-K, the practical do-it-yourself solution for simple and fast paint repairs on cars. Today, our product range is popular among both professional users, professionals in painting booths (SprayMax) and also do-it-yourself users, or designers who use the products to decorate homes or in the hobby field. Today, Kwasny has become an international specialist for spray paint systems. The reputation we enjoy among our customers for the quality of our brands is motivation to continuously improve our products.


the professional
aerosol painting system


the classic product
in the spray paint


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The professional aerosol painting system

SprayMax is a patented aerosol technology for professional users. The painting system is used for repairs and spot repairs in the automotive sector and by industrial users and painters. The spray pattern of SprayMax is comparable to a spray gun but delivers less overspray. This complete professional paint system allows effective and profitable paint repairs, even outside the paint booth. Thanks to the optimised spray behaviour combined with the 2K technology, SprayMax has become a fixed feature in all application areas where paint is used. The SprayMax system uses the paint manufacturers' original products to guarantee perfect results in SprayMax quality.

  • Unique SprayMax aerosol spray paint technology, inclusive 2K technology
  • For effective and profitable paint repairs (automotive, industrial and painter)
  • Perfect paint results, just like a spray gun (less overspray)


The classic product in the spray paint

As the “paint shop in a can”, the traditional Auto-K brand, has enjoyed a leading market position for many years. Today, the original Auto-K products offer the possibility for fast, cost optimised and colour accurate paint repair, starting with the preparation products such as filler, sand paper and adhesive tape through original colours as spray paint or touch-up pencils up to many special and effect paints. The latest innovation is Liquid Gum, the peel-off spray film from Auto-K.

  • Traditional and cult brand for spray paint cans
  • Full range of car repair and tuning products
  • Original car repair quality for perfect paint results


For decorative and creative applications

The belton brand is synonymous with quality, creativeness and innovative spray paint ideas. belton spray paints can be used to enhance and redesign decorative objects of all kinds and are ideal for creative techniques, such as e.g. stencils or speckled designs. belton has a wide range of primers, special and effect paints, and also 'belton-free' which is an innovative water paint technology that sets completely new standards for environmentally-friendly painting. Be inspired by the belton spray paints and the sky's the limit for your ideas.

  • Brand for decorative and creative applications
  • Range of primers, special and effect paints
  • Solvent or water-based (belton free technology)

Private Label

Customised products

Besides our own brands Auto-K, belton and SprayMax, the Private Label production is an important part of our portfolio and success. Together with our clients we develop specific solutions and product designs. We can also fill your own paint materials in aerosol cans or touch-up pencils (contract-filling). We have a wide variety of can sizes, components and flexible implementation possibilities for projects of this kind.

  • Wide range of can sizes, components and configurations
  • Use of customer-own paint materials or substrates
  • Business structure: direct sales (car, decoration), DIY-retailers, automotive industry, paint industry and general industry

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