The world of spray paint "made in Germany"

From a revolutionary idea by the founder to one of today's leading manufacturers of spray paint cans. KWASNY is the company behind the successful brands and products in the 'spray painting' sector. And for good reason, because we wrote the pioneering story of spray paint cans in the European market. And we still do - every day as we develop innovative products and solutions in the automotive, industrial, decoration and DIY sectors for customers across the world - and with the quality "made in Germany". Welcome to the world of spray paint. Welcome to KWASNY.

Peter Kwasny GmbH - A successful company introduces itself

Market position, company profile and customer

The Peter Kwasny GmbH is considered to be the quality and technology leader for professional spray paint systems and produces paint sprays, touch-up-pencils and preparation products for different requirements and markets. Products produced exclusively in Gundelsheim are dispatched across the world via the logistics centre in Sinsheim. Customers are the international automotive and paint industry, retailers, manufacturers, the trade and craft sectors, and DIY markets. We deliver to our customers across the world via our own subsidiaries, importers and partners. Our subsidiaries manage the customer base via our own sales force and application engineering organisation. Our production output last year totalled approx. 31 million spray paint cans and approx. 4 million touch-up pens. Kwasny has a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 and an Environment Management System certified to 14001. The high quality of our products is appreciated by DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen and women, and professional alike.

Spray paint "from one source"

With an international workforce over 440, the Peter Kwasny GmbH consistently and successfully pursues quality and technological leadership for professional spray paint systems. An excellent process and know-how management system starting with research & development, through production in an exceptional production depth, up to and including mature logistics solutions means that we are highly capable of meeting the exacting demands set by our customers and retail partners. Due to the fact that the entire process chain, including the production of components such as paint and synthetic parts, is all in the company's own hands, we can guarantee that our high certified quality standards are always satisfied. This is supported by the long-standing cooperation with leading international paint manufacturers. Also, an integrated approach means that we are able to react flexibly to various customer requirements.

A life for the spray paint can

After visiting the USA in 1956, Peter Kwasny had the idea and know-how to start producing spray paints in Germany. In 1958 he started production of the first spray paints and touch-up pencils for cars, then under a different company name. In 1963 Peter Kwasny founded the company Peter Kwasny GmbH on the newly erected company grounds in Gundelsheim. The first Auto-K Spray-Set, the 'paint workshop in a can' left the conveyor belt in 1966. In the 60 years since then, the company has developed into a high quality international specialist. Its goal was and is to realise complex technologies in user-friendly products that allow the simple, clean and successful use of spray paints. The success of our 'spray paint technologies' continues thanks to the ongoing development of technical and design innovations. The company is still 100% in the hands of the family, now in the second generation, who maintain the sense of responsibility and reliability inherent to this German family-owned company.


Innovation meets tradition


Innovation is a long tradition at Peter Kwasny GmbH: From the genius idea of producing spray paints for cars in the late 50s, through the production of the first Auto-K Spray-Set in Gundelsheim in 1966, the launch of the belton spray paints in 1973, the invention of the SprayMax at the end of the 1990s...through to today's SprayMax paint repair system and belton free water-based technology just to mention a few milestones that have mapped out the future of the spray paint can. "Auto-K" was and still is the epitome of simple and fast paintwork repairs on cars. The term "Paint workshop in a can" has made its mark in professional circles. Since then, Peter Kwasny GmbH has been seen as a pioneer in the automotive spray paint field and has played a significant role in the rapid development of the spray paint field for several decades. For more than 60 years, spray paint cans have left Gundelsheim to journey across the globe: even to the uSA from where Peter Kwasny gothe idea from to produce spray paints for cars in Germany.


The most important historical milestones at Peter Kwasny GmbH:

Company founded

Peter Kwasny founds the company Peter Kwasny GmbH in 1963.

Auto-K Spray-Set

In 1966 the first Auto-K Spray-Set, 'the paintshop in a can', left the production line in Gundelsheim.

belton is born

Market launch belton. The spray paint brand for decorative and creative applications, for the hobby sector, DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Logistic centre Sinsheim

Inauguration of the new logistics centre in Sinsheim for global deliveries of Kwasny products.


Market launch of the Multona approximate colour shade system, that is still marketed today.

Purchase of Herpé

Acquisition of the French spray paint company Herpé to optimise and further improve the market position.

SprayMax 1K products

Launch of the first SprayMax 1K products; the spray paint technology that is unique worldwide.

SprayMax 2K technology

The first SprayMax 2K product was the 2K clearcoat. SprayMax 2 component technology: paint and hardener in a can.

belton perfect

Thixotropic spray paint technology for decorative and technical spray paint applications.

SprayMax Variator

Spray direction, yield and spray pattern width can be set freely. A new generation was launched in 2015.

SprayMax 1K/2K FillClean

Cleaning-free filling device for filling individual colours of the SprayMax 1K/2K products.

Kwasny Technical centre

The Kwasny technical centre is opened: for product demonstrations, customer training, practical tests and training.

SprayMax Industry

Launch of the SprayMax Industry products for painters, industrial applications and architecture.

belton free

New water-based paint technology: Aerosol-stable acrylic dispersion-based water paint for environmentally-friendly and odourless spray painting.

SprayMax headlamp repair system

For polycarbonate headlamps. A system from the SprayMax program recognised and used by automobile manufacturers.

SprayMax 2K acid primer and 2K spray filler

Technological innovations: these 2K products are available for the first time as 'spray paint' in the SprayMax program.

SprayMax - a 20 year success story

In 1997 the first SprayMax product was launched. To date, SprayMax has developed into a small damage repair system for professional end users – a real success story.

Kwasny spray paint machine

The paint sprayer developed by Kwasny is used to perform standardized (spray distance, painting process, pressure on spray nozzle) spray tests.

Upgrading Logistic Center in Sinsheim / New color marking

Our Logistic Center in Sinsheim underwent large scale changes. A new color marking with an intergrated spray lock.

Marketlaunch of SprayMax UV Repair System

SprayMax UV Filler, Cleaner, UV Clear and UV Blender. Flexible, fast and economic refinishing processes.

New SprayMax design / New belton website

Since the beginning of 2022, the SprayMax brand has a new, contemporary corporate design and the belton website, which has been modernised in terms of content and layout, has been online since June 2022.

The Year of the Double Jubilee

This year, Peter Kwasny GmbH is celebrating a double anniversary. 60 years in business and 25 years of SprayMax technology.




Headquarters & Production Plant
Peter Kwasny GmbH
Heilbronner Straße 96
74831 Gundelsheim
Tel.: +49 6269 / 95-0
Fax: +49 6269 / 95-70

Logistics Center
Neulandstraße 36
74889 Sinsheim



Auto-K – Herpé S.A.S
100, route de Forbach
57350 Spicheren
Adresse Postale: AUTO-K-HERPE S.A.S.
CS 70314, 57608 Forbach Cedex
Tel.: +33 387 853064


Peter Kwasny International AG
Rheinweg 39
8200 Schaffhausen
Tel.: +41 52 672 62 13


Peter Kwasny Ges.m.b.H
Berchtesgadener Straße 3
5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 662 878689

Czech Republic

Peter Kwasny spol. s r.o.
Radlická 663/28
150 00 Praha 5
Tel.: +49 6269 95-0


Peter Kwasny Spraypaint Canada Inc.
40 University Avenue, Suite 904
Toronto, ON M5J 1T1
Phone: +1 844-426-6330


Peter Kwasny Inc.
62-64 Enter Lane
Islandia, NY 11749
Phone: +1 844-426-6330

Importers and partners

Australia, Croatia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa and Turkey.

CSR Brochure of Peter Kwasny GmbH

Sustainability is an important topic. As a company in the chemical industry, we are particularly aware of this responsibility and have been successfully facing it for several years with our water-based paint technology and the switch to caps made out of recyclate. Sustainability includes not only ecology but also economy and social topics. With our new CSR brochure (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are pleased to give you an overview of what we mean by economic, ecological and social responsibility and sustainability. Enjoy reading!

CSR Brochure Peter Kwasny GmbH


Code of Conduct of Peter Kwasny GmbH

Our code of conduct is intended to be a guideline for the whole company Peter Kwasny GmbH and therefore applies equally to each and every one of us. Specifically, it is aimed at management, executives and all our employees and our suppliers. On the one hand, it represents the standard we set ourselves to live up to the values and principles listed within it, and at the same time it communicates to the outside world responsible behaviour towards our business partners, customers and employees.

Code of Conduct Peter Kwasny GmbH