Kwasny's innovative power and the product quality have been recognised in successful participations in important commercial competitions and official awards. In 2015 belton free won the VR-Innovation Prize and in 2014 the BHB-Customer Service Prize. In previous years, 'SprayMax' won the 'Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle Prize' and the 'German Industry Innovation Prize', as well as other customer-specific awards.

The continuous recertification and monitoring audits guarantee exceptional quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The following quality controls are carried out on all production levels.

  • Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system, certification is valid until 31.07.2018
  • Certification to ISO 14001:2004 Environment management system. This certificate is valid until 31.07.2018

In addition to the official awards, the recognition and appreciation of our daily work by our customers is extremely important to us and is our motivation to become 'a little better every day".

Environment protection and conservation

Environment protection, sustainability and careful use of resources are integral elements of the Kwasny corporate philosophy. Also, the company site has been located in a water protection area for many years. Recently, several million euros were invested in the fields of technology, environmental protection, fire prevention and disaster control. We are certified to ISO 14001:2004 Environment management and work with a safety management system that defines all feasible disasters including countermeasures. Our commitment to environmental protection is documented in our compliance with the Federal Water Resources Act and the Immission Control Act. Fire prevention in our company is guaranteed thanks to the automatic extinguishing equipment and an in-house fire protection system.

  • A buried liquid gas tank farm (environmental protection reasons)
  • Thermally insulated roof construction (heating system with radiant ceiling panels)
  • The waste heat from the compressed air generation unit is used for heating purposes
  • Use of a CHP unit with cogeneration
  • Hazardous substances warehouse in accordance with the Federal Water Resources Act
  • In-house return-refill system replaces container cleaning system
  • Recycling of waste (e.g. plastic variants flow into production)
  • Modern machine pool reduces energy consumption
  • Reduction of VOC* emissions thanks to state-of-the-art filling technology in closed systems (actively helps to keep the air clean)
  • Environmentally-friendly lighting technologies (LED instead of fluorescent tubes)

The Kwasny spray paint cans satisfy the current statutory VOC regulations in accordance with the EC Directive VOC 2004/42/EC. The VOC limit values that apply for car repair products are undercut. The modern filling technology in closed systems not only saves significantly on solvents but also ensures an almost emission-free filling process. This means that Kwasny satisfies the regulations governing the restriction of pollutant emissions when using organic solvents.

Environmental protection is not just a marketing instrument for Kwasny, it is a matter of course as part of its sustainability endeavours.

* VOC = Volatile Organic Compound(s) = General collective term used for volatile organic compounds/components that evaporate easily

Technical centre – home to spray paint ideas

Kwasny's purpose-built technical centre was completed in 2011. This modern and flexible building, which has a floor space of 250 m2, has a fully equipped painting and demonstration room, and also seminar and training rooms. The technical centre has been specially designed to accommodate the SprayMax painting processes and the practical application of the SprayMax Paint Repair modules. The technical centre can be expanded as required and allows us to organise live demonstrations of our products under process and practical conditions e.g. the performance of spot repairs. We not only carry out demonstrations of the other Kwasny brands, 'Auto-K' and 'belton' here, we also carry out tests under real conditions.

The main target group comprises the customers of our retail partners, direct users such as bodyshops, but also all other business partners. The technical centre is also used for in-house training, meetings and R&D work. It is the ideal platform for clearly presenting the performance capability of our company and our products, allowing our business partners to experience and see this 'with their own eyes'. This in turn allows us to remain in close contact with our customers and users, so that we can maintain an open dialogue and swap experiences. Make use of our diverse and interesting training courses. Welcome to the technical centre!